Social equity with
technology and innovation

About us

We are an interdisciplinary team of feel-thinking people committed on the transformative power of science, technology and innovation on the economic, social, cultural, environmental, and politic spheres of community life. Our purpose is to rescue and draw attention to the popular knowledge, creating a link between it and the academy, which allows to create sustainable development alternatives in a collective way.

We dream with a country we are committed to work for; a Colombia in peace, with equity and social justice. We have faith that through education, critical thinking strengthening, collective work, passion, and love; we can transform the communities and our territories realities.


A clear mission

Académicos por Colombia is an interdisciplinary organization that seeks to build alternatives to the deepest problematics of the communities, working hand in hand with them, and proposing projects that positively impact their transformation under a dialogue of knowledge approach that tents to science, technology, education, culture, and innovation.

Our vision is this way

Académicos por Colombia will be a country wide inspiration organization in generating community development alternatives based on principles of creation and collective and interdisciplinary investigation.

Our allies

All what we have done has been achieved thanks to your collaboration, commitment and trust.


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