The volunteers are the vertebral column of our organization and we want that you bring yourself to be part of it. We have a dream about a country that we have gotten to visualize together, and even though we have lots of challenges to achieve it, every volunteer’s support and fight contribute to get it.

Volunteering is for us a way of working based on an authentic interest of construction of development alternatives and a space to learn, share, transform and create.

That is the reason why, we need your help to continue constructing. Join us to work together for the country we dream about!

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Are you interested in volunteering with us?

If you are interested in presenting your knowledge at the service of society, these are the ways you can participate:


Do you want to create something with us?

Be a volunteer

If you have always wanted to be a volunteer or you have some time to share, you can contribute with specific tasks in projects or in the organization processes. For this mode of participation, there are frequent calls.


Do you want to share your knowledge with us?

Be an adviser

If you consider you can contribute from your expertise to the growth of an idea, process, or project and you do not count with plenty of time, but you want to donate your advice, contact us! We want to know about you.


Do you want to be part of us?

Be a member

If you dream of building a different reality for our country and its communities, a reality with social justice and equity, join your hands with ours. With a few hours a week and a lot of commitment, we can turn that dream into a reality.

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