23 October, 2021

Family graywater treatment systems.

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1 February, 2021

Arts tell us about science

One of the main objectives of Academics for Colombia is the strengthening and appropriation of scientific knowledge in society. […]
31 January, 2021

Biodigester in Sáchica town

A sustainable alternative for power generation Academics for Colombia understands the importance of generating development alternatives in rural areas that will help to generate energy for the rural areas. […]
31 January, 2021

Water catchment and purification alternatives

A commitment to building family and community water sovereignty Access to basic services and respect for fundamental rights, such as access to water and sanitation, are essential for the development of water resources. […]
31 January, 2021

Water for the New Generation

During 2017 and 2018, in alliance with the Nueva Generación Educational Institution in the municipality of Sáchica, Boyacá, Academics for Colombia worked on a project. […]

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